Bridge Music Ltd is a non-profit company based in Edinburgh. It exists to present modern jazz events featuring UK and International touring bands, and original music from Scottish-based jazz ensembles. Bridge Music was created in 2002, and is run by Edinburgh musician and jazz organiser Bill Kyle. Take a look at the 'Previous Gigs' gigs listed, to see what this organisation has done for jazz in Scotland.

Bridge Music's programme depends on external financial assistance, and funding from the Scottish Arts Council enabled the first Edinburgh/Glasgow weekly series to run in 2010/11, with a total of 71 events in both cities - a major contribution to Arts in Scotland, as well as substantial employment and performance opportunities for musicians.

The next series, June 2012 to April 2013, was made possible by financial assistance from the new Scottish Arts funding organisation Creative Scotland. This series focused on providing some aspect of development for Sottish-based musicians. Bridge Music has always made a point of encouraging the artistic growth of musicians (mainly younger, but not necessarily!) and challenging them to present new, original music. This was the basis for that series, and thanks are due to Creative Scotland for supporting this valuable jazz action! The Development activity also included the organising of a few private lessons for some local players, from visiting world-class jazz names.

Another series ran from May 2013 to January 2014, thanks to further funding made available by Creative Scotland, followed by another series from Feb 2014 to March 2015, the two gigs a week featuring a massive range of Scottish-based, UK-based and International touring ensembles.
However, this successful, valuable, popular activity has now (April 2015) come to a grinding halt.

An application was submitted to Creative Scotland on 9 January 2015 for funding to enable a 21-month, two-city, weekly series to run from April 2015 to December 2016. This was to stage some 137 gigs (74 in Edinburgh and 63 in Glasgow), creating extremely valuable employment for jazz musicians in the form of some 617 musician-engagements, and attracting a total audience of some 5,500.
On 30 March, this was rejected by CS as being 'too high risk'. Now, the 21-month programme budget submitted was very realistic, based on a full three years of solid on-the-ground actual gig experience, and was to be run by a proven competent organisation, with all financial and management processes efficiently and professionally managed. There was no 'high risk' in this programme or budget. It now appears that CS have focused instead on the formal Limited Company accounts, which do not align with the arrival of CS funding. We think that's wrong, but their decision is made, and the funded programme has now stopped - for now.

We are now re-assessing the application, and have to prepare and submit more accounting, financial and programming information, then send in another CS 'Open Project' funding application. If we can get all this done (it's massive ...) by late April/early May, they then take a full three months to assess the application, so we will know nothing until the end of July. So, if the application is somehow successful, the earliest we can begin to stage gigs would be SEPTEMBER.

However, we are determined to continue with weekly gigs in some form, and have assembled an April-June programme - even though there's no funding to cover it. This means that the musicians playing for you can only be paid from your DOOR MONEY.

Come on in, enjoy these excellent gigs, and pay at the door to contribute to our musicians' livelihood. You'll be doing your bit to keep our weekly jazz happening!

Full details are on the 'Programme' page.

THANK YOU for helping keep jazz alive here!
We'll be back!

Bridge Music events are staged
typically on Wednesdays in Edinburgh, and Thursdays in Glasgow - but check the 'Programme'  listings which may list occasional variations to accommodate bands' touring schedules. Edinburgh events are presented in the City's quintuple award-winning live music venue The Jazz Bar, and Glasgow events are run in the prestigious Glasgow Art Club.

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The Jazz Bar, 1a Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1HR
Phone 0131 220 4298
This multiple award-winning, unique, intimate, atmospheric seven-nights-a-week live music venue stages music 3 or 4 times a day, every day, every week, all year round. It was awarded "UK JAZZ VENUE OF THE YEAR" at the House of Commons Parliamentary Jazz Awards in 2010, and has won four other major awards in the last 4 years. It is purpose-designed for the presentation of excellent live music (a lot more than just jazz!) and is an extremely popular venue, well respected for the consistently high level of its programming.
At these gigs, bands typically play two one-hour sets starting 9pm, ending 11.45pm approx.
Email:  info (at) thejazzbar (dot) co (dot) uk

Glasgow Art Club
, 185 Bath Street (at Blythswood St), Glasgow G2 4HU
Phone 0141 248 5210
These are staged in the main Gallery space, with its wonderful baronial style wall panelling and large wooden carved fireplaces at each end. There are plenty of cabaret-style tables and chairs around the room (and some comfy leather sofas!), and there's a small bar just off. There is always an art exhibition on the walls too, by both GAC Members and visiting/guest artists. Tour the room during the break, and have a good look round - most is for sale! The acoustics are very warm in this magnificent room, and we only use a very small amount of PA reinforcement to balance the overall group sound. Nice vibe! At these gigs, bands typically play two one-hour sets starting 8.15pm, ending 10.45pm approx.

Major thanks go to Creative Scotland for making these events possible!

Contact Bridge Music:  info (at) bridgejazz (dot) co (dot) uk